Academic Mamas: An Introduction

I have a confession: my son is home sick with a stomach bug and I’m at work.

I had an 8:45am committee meeting with the Provost, another meeting at 11am with the Chair of another department, and then my students had their final exam from 12:45 to 2:45pm. I was writing some emails pertaining to our writing program. And thinking about my next book proposal. Throughout it all I checked my phone for the updates from my husband, who took time off to take care of our 18 month old son (and to clean the puke from the car seat where my son got sick on his way to daycare). My mind is at school, my heart is at home.

It’s days like today that I especially feel the binary pull on my identity. Am I a professor or am I mommy? Can I be both? How can I be both? This is not a statement on having multiple identities (we all do this- besides a professor and a mother, I’m also a runner, reader, Californian-at-heart, former expat, sister, cousin, daughter, and a brunette). But, I created this blog because I think that those of us in academia struggle with being a real presence in our field AND a present and happy mother. I don’t have an answer, but I do have a lot of ideas, experiences, questions, and a lot of friends (and friends of friends) who are in the same situation. Maybe together we can contribute something to the conversation. We are not leaning in, we are not opting out, we are Academic Mamas.


About msmcdphd

I started this blog because I don't know what I'm doing! I'm a professor at a state school and a mother of one wonderful toddler. There are others out there like me. Maybe together we can come up with something that will be helpful to other women like us just as clueless about how to do this professor mommy thing with dignity.
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2 Responses to Academic Mamas: An Introduction

  1. I’m so glad you started this blog, because this is a topic about which I have spent many hours thinking. I teach part time, also at a university. And part-time at a university is never really “part time.” So, like you, my head is often at work while my heart longs to be building something with Legos. Thanks for posting. I look forward to reading more.

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