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I started this blog because I don't know what I'm doing! I'm a professor at a state school and a mother of one wonderful toddler. There are others out there like me. Maybe together we can come up with something that will be helpful to other women like us just as clueless about how to do this professor mommy thing with dignity.


My son is two, and that means, for the most part, I can fix most of the problems he has. Food is too cold, he has a splinter in his foot, he’s hungry- these are all things I can fix. … Continue reading

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Dream Deferred, alternatively titled Spring Break in Cow Town

I haven’t thought about Langston Hughes’ poem Dream Deferred since high school. At the time it didn’t make much sense, I was 14 after all. But a recent trip for Spring Break reminded me of it. “What happens to a … Continue reading

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The Problem with Leaning In

Last week, Rosa Brooks (an academic mom like us) posted a wonderful piece in response to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In mantra. Here’s the link. I admit, I haven’t actually read Lean In, although I followed some of the media hype … Continue reading

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New Semester’s Resolutions

For most academics the new year starts in late August, if you’re lucky maybe early September. That’s the time when you have new hopes for your classes, and your students, and maybe even some projects you hope to accomplish. But … Continue reading

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Academic Mamas: An Introduction

I have a confession: my son is home sick with a stomach bug and I’m at work. I had an 8:45am committee meeting with the Provost, another meeting at 11am with the Chair of another department, and then my students … Continue reading

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